2017 is shaping up to be a landmark year for us. With more people than ever involved and a full programme of activities to take our vision for the fossil forest and old works forward, we have lots to look forward to. If you live locally and haven’t had a look around yet please come along to one of our open days and find out what we’re about. Or skip straight to getting stuck in and be part of something wonderful.

We’ll be biting our nails for the first half of the year, as it will see us finding out the results of the funding bids we put in at the end of 2016. We’ll keep you posted!

Oh, and Brymbo Rocks is back again…how could we not run it after the fab feedback we had last year?! We’re adding a second stage so we can double the number of bands & artists too.

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Hi folks. Long post alert – about Brymbo Rocks, our thanks, why we do it, and how we aim to make it sustainable year on year. Read on if you have a few minutes…



Thanks for coming to Brymbo Rocks. We’re still working out the final total, but we think somewhere between 800 and 900 of you came along. We’re delighted, especially considering you had to pay! 🙂

It took a fair bit of putting together and we’d like to thank all those who helped make it happen:

Thank you to all those who got the building to a safe state, to those who leant us their time and equipment, to those who worked to encourage us and help us overcome hurdles, our safety team (including those at WCBC who pointed us in all the right directions), and to those who pitched in whenever they could. The picture lists them – we’re bound to have missed someone out though!

Thank you to the fair, @Brymbomineralrailway, the food and drink providers, stallholders, security staff, and PCSOs, for keeping us entertained, fed, watered and hassle-free.

Thank you to the fantastic performers – to the 8 bands that performed on the main stage and the three that gave up their time to keep your feet tapping when you went to the Miners, Tai and George and Dragon afterwards.

Thank you to those who temporarily lost their wives and husbands, mums, dads, sons and daughters… while they worked day and night over the weeks leading up to Saturday. Your other halves do damn good stuff, and your support for them doing it means a lot to us all.

And we thank those who insist they don’t need thanking, and they know who they are.


The iron and steelworks is a special place. Our mission is to make it vibrant once more – not making steel perhaps, but definitely making smiles. And we think Brymbo Rocks is doing this in spades, as well as helping our village re-establish itself on Wrexham’s map.

We have an open day on Saturday 8th October – come along and find out more about the ‘big plan’. No music, but plenty of banter.


We didn’t quite make enough money to cover our costs. We came close, and we’ll aim to do better next year. The picture below was up during the event but you might have missed it, being too busy having fun. Sorry about that 😉

Most of those named provided help for little or nothing, and so kept our ‘cash’ costs to a minimum. If we had to pay for everything involved we’d have needed something like £30,000 as a cash budget. As it was, with all of the support we got, we needed just £7,500 for those things that simply couldn’t be provided without money changing hands – security, insurance, signage, stage hire, portable toilets, etc.

We raised just under £5,000 from ticket sales, stall fees and contributions from the bars, fair and food outlets. GAP Personnel and the Bodfach Trust provided some very welcome cash sponsorship to narrow the gap for us. Thanks especially to you two for your encouragement and faith and to Cllr Paul Rogers for brokering the contact.

We think you’d like us to do the event again – please tell us if not. We’d certainly like to do it again. But we’re going to need to close that financial gap to make the event sustainable. We’ve got four main ways of doing so:

1) trim our costs a little (we had 2 or 3 more toilets than we really needed for example),
2) make more dosh from our merchandise (we’re working on this, expect more novelty items in orange soon),
3) get more ‘cash’ sponsors, and/or
4) get more income from tickets.

So firstly, we’re on the hunt for sponsors – could your business support Brymbo Rocks 2017?

And secondly, we’re looking for feedback on ticket prices. Look out later this week for a poll seeking views on pricing, but any early comments welcome below.


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