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We would love to hear your stories and memories of Brymbo. Whether they are of growing up and living in the area, you or family members working in the Steelworks, or anything else you can think of – we want to hear them! No memory is too big or too small, we believe it is important to capture your stores to be enjoyed by generations in years to come. We have started to publish some of our recorded Oral Histories on to our SoundCloud site, which you can visit HERE.




Recording Your Own Stories

If you would like to record yours or your family member’s memories, we have compiled a series of questions that could be used to encourage the conversation. As well as this, you could also view our Flickr gallery HERE which could be useful in jogging some memories!

Once you have recorded your story, you can EMAIL US with the file attached and the information of the speaker and we will then edit the audio file into smaller clips to publish on our SoundCloud site.


Where did you live growing up? (What was the community like? What did you do in your free time? Were there any community events that you were a part of/enjoyed seeing?)
What was your schooling like?
(Where did you go? How did you get there? Did you enjoy it? What were your favourite/least favourite subject/teacher?)
What were the occupations of your family members?
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
What was your first job?
(When did you start working? How long were you there for? Did you enjoy working? What’s your favourite/worst memory of working?)
Did you ever work in the Steelworks?
(What department were you in? Did you enjoy it? Were there any big characters you remember? Were there any events that you particularly remember?



We now have a permanent exhibition at Brymbo Enterprise Centre. The exhibition has a number of ‘fixed’ display boards explaining a great deal about the area’s heritage.

Amongst the displays there is a series of glass cabinets, some of them containing fossils and metal samples, but some of them are reserved for the great many stories that the people of Brymbo want to tell. Have you got something you’d like to display, a poem, a picture, old photos, a piece of equipment or an artefact? We’d love to hear from you – 0800 772 0981 (free from landlines) or EMAIL US.

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