Brymbo Heritage Trust

There are many, many people making Brymbo Heritage Area and our Roots to Shoots projects come to life.

The whole operation is being led by Brymbo Heritage Trust. It’s the Charitable Incorporated Organisation that was set up by the management committee of Brymbo Heritage Group in August 2017. It is a registered charity and has the following purposes:

To promote for the benefit of the public the preservation, protection and improvement of  historical artefacts, structures, buildings and landscapes which are of historic or architectural importance relating to Wrexham’s industrial history. 

• To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation of the Brymbo Fossil Forest

• To advance the education of the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Brymbo and adjacent areas

• The promotion for the public benefit of urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation and in particular Brymbo by the following means;

  • To provide education, training and re-training opportunities and work experience, especially for unemployed people
  • To provide, maintain and improve recreational facilities
  • To provide public amenities

The Trust provides the direction for the Brymbo Heritage Project. The Trust has 8 trustees and employs 12 staff and a Trust Manager. In total more than 120 volunteers help make it all happen. We’re always open to more people joining us. 

Potential trustee? Contact Nick Amyes, our Chair of Trustees at

Potential member of staff? Contact Gary Brown, our Trust Manager at

Potential volunteer? Contact Lynze Rogers, our Activities Coordinator at

We all share a single FREEPHONE incoming phone number with numbered options to reach us – 0800 722 0981.




The staff team will evolve over the next few years as we transition from the development of the project to its full delivery. At this stage our staffing has grown in phases to a current total of 13. We are anticipating requiring a staffing of approximately 25 once we become fully operational.

The current roles performed by staff are:

Management (1), administration (1), finance (1), project development (5), play development (1), volunteer coordination (1), events coordination (1), palaeontology (1), and landscape maintenance (1). Three roles are full-time and ten are part-time.


Volunteers undertake a vast array of roles in the Trust: managing vegetation, creating pathways and routes through the site, undertaking minor repairs to buildings, servicing tools, archiving, cataloguing and restoring individual historical artefacts and fossils, undertaking research on same, fund raising, organising events, hosting visits, working with schools and school groups, developing ideas for art installations, and linking with volunteers from other like-minded organisations to exchange good practice.

Most volunteers give the equivalent of two hours per week, with many giving far more – several are full-time, and some volunteers are now part of the furniture whilst others stay only for a few months.

The Trust proudly celebrates the work of its volunteers.